$ Super Eurobeat Vol. 130 - SEB 130 (AVCD-17143) 2GD+DVD 限定盤/宅急便 Y10

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SUPER EUROBEAT VOL.130(限定盤) 02.8.16 AVCD-17143〜4/B \3990
リクエスト・カウントダウン全100曲 限定盤 ”VIDEO OPTION" DVD付き

Various – Super Eurobeat Vol. 130 ~The Global Heat 2002 Request Rush~
Label: Avex Trax ‎– AVCD-17143~4/B Series: Super Eurobeat – Vol. 130
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation, Copy Protected, Mixed DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Limited Edition
Country: Japan Released: 16 Aug 2002 Genre: Electronic Style: Eurobeat

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CD1-01 –Suzy Lazy Din Don Dan 2:36
CD1-02 –Lou Grant Money 4 Love 1:08
CD1-03 –Kevin Johnson (3) Pretty Little Girl 1:22
CD1-04 –Sara (2) One More Time 1:28
CD1-05 –Dr's Girl Everyday 1:29
CD1-06 –Kim Loren Happy News 1:19
CD1-07 –Cherry (2) My Loverboy 1:38
CD1-08 –Suzy Lazy Love And Luxury 1:33
CD1-09 –Toby Ash Not This Time 1:28
CD1-10 –DJ NRG Kamikaze 1:24
CD1-11 –Eurosisters Night 'N' Day Lady 1:25
CD1-12 –Lolita (2) Ready For Your Heart 1:42
CD1-13 –Domino (2) Para Para Paradise 1:17
CD1-14 –Eurosisters Honey For Love 1:19
CD1-15 –Donna (3) Broken Heart 1:19
CD1-16 –Ann Sinclair I Wanna Go 1:27
CD1-17 –Karina (2) Spin Me Round 1:25
CD1-18 –Dave Rodgers & Kiko Loureiro Fevernova 1:44
CD1-19 –Oda Shy Gun 1:43
CD1-20 –Vanessa You Don't Give Me Love 1:21
CD1-21 –Virginelle Lucky Lucky 1:41
CD1-22 –Dave Rodgers Let's Go To The Show ~ K2 The Auto Messe 1:14
CD1-23 –Sophie Treat Me Right 1:54
CD1-24 –Kevin Johnson (3) Lonely 1:25
CD1-25 –Helena Melodies Of Love 1:58
CD1-26 –Madison You Can Light My Fire 1:23
CD1-27 –Dave*, Domino (2) & Virginelle Anniversary 1:17
CD1-28 –Annalise Bad Love 1:40
CD1-29 –Mako (2) Kiss To Kiss 1:14
CD1-30 –Madison Love In New York City 1:07
CD1-31 –Victoria (2) Stay 1:40
CD1-32 –Go Go Girls Hot Vampire 1:28
CD1-33 –Dr. Love Eurobeat 1:11
CD1-34 –Drama (4) Love For Sale 1:47
CD1-35 –Mirka Diamond Love 1:22
CD1-36 –Atrium Featuring Helena Supersonic Lover Featuring – Helena 1:31
CD1-37 –Dave & Domino I Just Wanna Find You 1:14
CD1-38 –Dave Rodgers Nothing Changed 1:49
CD1-39 –Linda Ross Loving Honey 1:13
CD1-40 –Helena Lonely Night 1:20
CD1-41 –Cherry (2) When I Close My Eyes 1:34
CD1-42 –Nuage (2) Sunday 1:34
CD1-43 –Dave Rodgers Stay The Night 1:37
CD1-44 –Mako (2) Dancer 1:19
CD1-45 –Mike West Fast Love 1:19
CD1-46 –Go Go Girls Cyber Dance 1:26
CD1-47 –Leslie Parrish Remember Me 1:17
CD1-48 –D.Essex* Restless And Wild 1:03
CD1-49 –Dave Rodgers Kingdom Of Rock 1:16
CD1-50 –Max Coveri Running In The 90's 1:22
CD2-01 –Veronica Sales Season 1:30
CD2-02 –Lolita (2) Cooling My Desire 1:08
CD2-03 –Morena (2) My Heart And My Soul 1:30
CD2-04 –Go Go Girls Speedy Speedy 1:37
CD2-05 –Suzy Lazy Love Generation 1:36
CD2-06 –Matt Land Fever The Night 1:23
CD2-07 –Dave Simon Killer 1:12
CD2-08 –Mega NRG Man Express Love 1:17
CD2-09 –Susan Bell My Only Star 1:10
CD2-10 –Leslie Parrish Killing My Love 1:53
CD2-11 –Marko Polo Money Go! 1:36
CD2-12 –Tension (3) You Got Me Going Crazy 1:10
CD2-13 –Salt & Pepper Radio 1:19
CD2-14 –Lolita (2) Try Me 1:35
CD2-15 –Big Brother, The Wild Reputation 1:42
CD2-16 –Powerful T. Over The Rainbow 1:12
CD2-17 –Virginelle Lucky Tango 1:26
CD2-18 –King & Queen He-Hey Dancin' 1:36
CD2-19 –D.Essex* Music For Hire 1:16
CD2-20 –Vicky Vale Superdance 1:21
CD2-21 –Lolita (2) Easy 1:21
CD2-22 –Drama (4) Lay Your Hands On Me 1:13
CD2-23 –Dave Rodgers Watch Me Dancing 1:50
CD2-24 –Mario Ross Push Push Ballerina 1:10
CD2-25 –Mega NRG Man Seventies 1:35
CD2-26 –Cherry (2) Keep On Loving You 1:17
CD2-27 –Annalise Summertime 1:32
CD2-28 –Virginelle Fantasy 1:21
CD2-29 –Maio & Co. Dark In The Night 1:11
CD2-30 –Nathalie* Heartbeat 1:34
CD2-31 –Vicky Vale Shibuya Girl 1:33
CD2-32 –Jilly (2) Take A Look In My Heart 1:11
CD2-33 –D-Essex* Listen To The Rhythm 1:08
CD2-34 –Virginelle Like A Virgin 1:33
CD2-35 –De La Vega Incredible Love 1:42
CD2-36 –D.Essex* Hyper Star Energy 1:22
CD2-37 –Virginelle Summer Night 1:33
CD2-38 –Cherry (2) Yesterday 1:34
CD2-39 –Matt Land Overload 1:21
CD2-40 –Matt Land Featuring Kiko Loureiro The Road Is On Fire Featuring – Kiko Loureiro 1:03
CD2-41 –King & Queen King And Queen 1:40
CD2-42 –D.Essex* Boom Boom Fire 1:21
CD2-43 –Edo (2) Too Young To Fall In Love 1:06
CD2-44 –Go Go Girls One Night In Arabia 1:35
CD2-45 –Nuage (2) Don't Wanna Lose You Baby 1:26
CD2-46 –Dave Rodgers Space Boy 1:15
CD2-47 –Lolita (2) Dreamin' Of You 1:38
CD2-48 –Niko (5) Speedway 1:19
CD2-49 –Domino (2) Gotcha! 1:14
CD2-50 –Niko (5) Night Of Fire 1:50
Special Track
CD2-51 –Wi☆th* Let's Spend The Night (Summer Rush Mix) Remix – DJ Boss (2) 2:29

Temporally Insanity
DVD-1 –Ace Warrior 24 Hours A Day With You
Hot Dream In A Desert
DVD-2 –Kasanova Now Or Never
Back In A Flash
DVD-3 –Dave Rodgers I Was Made For Loving You
Intense Motion To The Horizon
DVD-4 –Powerful T. Over The Rainbow
Will Race For Beat
DVD-5 –Dave Rodgers Smoke On The Water